Brilliance evokes an emotional response of our scientific reason or it can put us in awe and challenge our way of thinking.



747 Potowski Ave.


December 2015


Dr Uber


The young professional

The young professional

My target market is young, higher middle class, professionals who want a relaxing yet statement place to eat. People who want to be challenged and inspired. These late 20’s-30’s will be inspired by their surroundings and then hopefully take that back with them into the workplace and home to make the world better. Leaving the restaurant with a heightened sense of purpose, with a desire to work for something greater than themselves.





The detail in cathedrals are great and they take hundreds of years to complete. They are grand structures that take not only a brilliant mind but a brilliant heart to construct. Each builder had a reason why they were building, they were building for something greater than themselves. It shows in the detail and intricacy they managed to achieve in such a huge undertaking.

Interior at Notre Dame [Photo taken by myself-2014]

Interior at Notre Dame [Photo taken by myself-2014]



An element of excellence and quality that is unmatched. Not only is the food prepared to perfection, but the attention to detail in the preparation of the food in the interior will convey that Brilliance.


The interior will bring out the brilliance that each customer holds inside and inspire them to be more.