"People ignore design that ignores people"

— Frank Chimero

European Bird

The Beginning

A long time ago in a small village surrounded by corn, lived a small family of five in their big house. It was a quiet life. With road trips their parents instilled a love of nature and animals into their kids. One by one the kids grew up and moved out and the youngest was left. Playing sports and doing all the activities kept her busy with life never giving her time for much else. With a stuffed backpack and a duffel she would brave the day till she graduated and left that small town, she would always call home, behind. Moving to the lake then Kent she survived freshman studio on little sleep and started her first job as a gate ambassador in Lakeside. The next year was rough but fighting through it she made it to another summer, having grown a lot in the 2 years of school so far she started her first internship in Aurora, Ohio. She gained a lot of knowledge and was able to come back to school refreshed and ready for an 18 credit school week. Now in the heart of Italy they study and will learn like the great masters did before them bright eyed and ready to conquer the world.


"Why then did God give them free will? Because free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having."

— C.S Lewis


People are at the root of any design I create. I am fascinated with the ins and outs of peoples brains. Why do they use a space the way they do, why do they react to certain elements differently, what is their subconscious telling us from their reactions.

Flordia Keys

I am a dreamer, a helper of those in need whether they are aware of that need or not. I strive for growth. I ask why to questions without answers to come up with solutions to questions yet unasked. Hard work with a passion for people inspires me to move forward. I make things well, shabby work reflects poorly on the community I work for.

I want to change the world through design and influence people, no matter how small the change, all change is significant change, especially if it is for the better.

Sunset over the Spanish Steps